• labyrinthx



    Wireless minispeaker with super highquality sound.

    E-Storm LabyrinthX Bluetooth speaker, water resistant and 8h battery.
    Size: 6 x 5 cm!
    - Perfect for beach, work or any place where you need good sound.
    - Water resistant
    - Best soundquality!
    - Wireless with bluetooth, builtin microphone,
    - Colors, black or silver

    E-Storm LabyrinthX your perfect travelpartner
    E-Storm LabyrinthX is very small and easy to carry. The speaker delivers outstanding performance in its class and for its size.

    With its builtin microphone you can use it as a speakerphone, and with the controls on the speaker you dont need to sit close to your phone.

    Music with only micro-SD card
    The speaker comes with a micro-SD card slot, so now you can play music in a store, shop, restaurant without the need of any other source.

    Superquality sound
    E-Storm LabyrinthX delivers incredible sound thats never been heard before from such a small speaker. The bass and sound must be heard to understand.
    • Small speaker
    • Large sound
    • Outstanding performance
    • Water resistant